I always panic when things go well.

letters, notes, and emails.

Email - Sent Tuesday, 5th April 6.08pm

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the email and link. It was great to see you too.

I have just written an email to you – I’ll type it up below, before I saw your message, about earlier.




Hi Lisa,

Thanks again for earlier.

I don’t know how to write this down – I’ve just got home, and my work was in my bag all along.

I’m completely gutted, there was so much I wanted to talk to you about in it, that I have been working on over Easter, and didn’t say.

I’m sorry because I know how busy you are, and the time we had today felt so precious to me.

I’m going to take a copy of the documents and then put the original in the post to you – is it okay for me to do that? I don’t know if it will mean anything without me being able to explain it.

There are some notes on the website I’ve made – I wanted to document everything inside it – I wrote this on Sunday.

Here’s the link

The link to the main site is here, and the archive, which isn’t accessible through the homepage. The sketches I spoke about are on there, and a more developed version.

I’ve been thinking about the ideas we spoke about, about the archive as a document in time. One of the things that is important, and that I didn’t say, is about the moment, the time I spent collecting the visual material in the draft.

On Fridays, I always give myself an hour of ‘shiny’ in the library, just having fun and playing. That’s when I did this.

It’s one of the things I learned from speaking to you last year, one of the things you gave me – I wanted to tell you. I do it every week, and it’s the point at which nearly all my good ideas happen, and exciting projects and thoughts appear.

Also, I’ve made an edition(s) of prints. I had these with me today too. They are based on drawing ‘notes’ I took from a Bjork book. I like the idea that I can draw notes from books, like other people write them.

I made you a print, and wanted to give it to you. I will post that too.

I hope that none of this takes away from anything today.

I really enjoyed the meeting, it was incredibly profound and inspiring – as my conversations with you are always.

Thanks again,


Email - Sent Wednesday, 6th April 06.37 am

Hi Lisa,

I have been considering the email that I sent to you last night, I wasn’t listening to myself, and it doesn’t feel right.

One of the things I’m learning with you, is about trusting the moment, my instinct. The right things always happen with you. If I didn’t find the work, and show it to you – there will be a good reason, even if I don’t know it (yet.)

I wrote an email to you when I left the meeting yesterday, and want to send it to you – I will copy it below. I went to the art gallery café to have a cup of tea, and process the meeting, and then I went to have a look at the research library at the Henry Moore Institute – which I think is completely brilliant.

The meetings we have are really important to me,




Hi Lisa,

These are the tree sketches (that was going to read three – but I liked the error – I finished working on these last night, sitting near the trees outside my house.)

There are three sketches that were designed to be in progress, that I designed for myself, and then a longer one that was intended to be a more complete document.

I like the immediacy and rawness of the first three better, so am going to send you the links to those.

I’ll work more on this idea, and can develop it before we next meet.

Thanks again for today, it was a great meeting, I’ve left with loads of ideas, clear thinking, and some great and insightful questions and thoughts to consider.

Thank you for the clarity with the transfer situation too.

I will collect the information, and notes I have for my proposal as part of my sorting out, and the archives.

Have a great week,


Links below-

- Also, here is a link to the Dryden Goodwin film that Red Bee co-funded

it’s a really interesting model for funding I think, I’ve not seen it before.



[ letter - S unsent ]


Wed 6th April 2016.
www.recipesforbaking bread.co.uk/

Hi Lisa,

I wanted to post you your invitation to the Art Academy. - Enclosed.

There is an art library on the 2nd FirstFirstfloor of the main building, where we have our meetings sometimes - it's made up of donations mainly. I was speaking to Bill about it - who set up the Mill, and studios, and wanted to contribute by donating something.

I had an idea about the Penguin 80's - I think they are called, small, cheap, classic fiction, almost disposable. I love them - the design - ligatures, - check out the inside front page, there is always a quote on the inside. The typographyis really nice, I've used it as a reference for my quotes, how I lay them out and design them - I love the way they are used.

I'm going to start the collection with Dante (from Heaven, not hell-), I've given Pushkin to Bill, and here is yours. If you can come, you can find the others in the library, and add to the collection.

I chose the book - I loved it because I've been collecting, because of what I said -

I think I said it,
about liking things that don't make sense.

I hope you can come, maybe in the summer.
We have a planning weekend at the beginning of May, I will know dates and more details then.

Thanks, and see you again soon,

[ letter - sent.]
letter - Sent -

Letter - unsent.
(Package - Sent
)(Mobberley Post Office -
Monday 11th April - 9.24 am.)

Sunday 10th April 2016.

Hi Lisa,

I wanted to send you links, and some information and notes about the work I have been doing this week, since we met.

The first two are more HTML work.

I'm going to include a drawing I made for the pocket-stories page, the important things I carry round in my pocket with me, I thought that drawing them will help me to keep them safe (put them down.)

The drawing is the receipt from the post-office, when I posted you the drawing (no.5) after the last time we met.

Here are the links.



(no hyphens.)

I have been working on my research methodology for my proposal, and will include that too.

I have some drawings, I will scan them in on Tuesday, and upload them here -

I have downloaded the information online from the Leeds Beckett website and have some ideas about co-supervision, I would love to talk through with you, I can bring my ideas when I see you again.

Also I am going to post you the piece of paper that I showed you - 25gsm. I l i/o love what you did with the roll - it's like stationary sculpture, exactly as it is, I wish I had thought of it, I wanted to send you the paper so that you can have the roll, and the paper.

The last thing is that I have been asked to pitch, or if I would like to pitch for a project. It's enormous, and would be amazing. It's for a f
[text here]
a federation of hairdresser's

I want to do something about serifs.,
or the end of letters, the way that they are cut (snipped.)

(drawing - curve)[top of letter F]
I'm going

(I'm trying not to plan this - which is why I keep getting stuck -
between my ideas, what I wanted to say,
and the moment, staying present.)

I want to send you the notes,
or –
do a sketch.

Something like this -

[sketch, letter F, fat font, bold, or extra bold, top of letter cut at an angle.
top part drawn separately to bottom half.
Letter h, lower case, same angle cut at top of downstroke of the h, and the end of the letter, the first part of the vertical stroke is cut horizontally]

- letters
cut / snipped,

in dynamic ways,
serifs and slabs,

Treated differently to normal.

and something with a line,
thread (crack)


[sketch of a thin line, looks like a long drawn bracket line]

- so thin and carefully drawn, that it looks almost like a fragment, to be blown off the page.

I want to pubilsh this letter on my site -
in the archive,
I keep thinking about -

I've become a bit too aware of myself.

I'm stuck again.

Thanks again, for all the notes, ideas, insight and inspiration last week.

I want to include a photocopy that I took at the Henry Moore Institute - I took one, on impulse.

I like it, because it doesn't make sense (but completely does too.)


I hope you like it.




[Missing - Book.
(Package - Sent.

Holding Page.
To Send.