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Film Trailers
The following document was produced in
September 2016, as part of my progression
panel, and formal transfer process to
Leeds Beckett University.

The project abstract is below, and the full
PDF can be downloaded here


Blips, Breaks, and idents

Motion Graphics Practice

Sound Film

Research Practice

Drawing and Motion Graphics

- Part One
- Interlude - Leonard Cohen
- Part Two
- Postscript -
Motion Graphics Appendix


A series of short, motion graphics films -
exploring drawing, motion, drawing as, in motion,
to explore histories, personal, collective
memory and identity.
Drawing on the work, and ideas, of Rilke,
Samuel Beckett, Oulipo poetry, John Berger,
Ted Hughes, contemporary motion graphics
in television and on screen.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Exploring stories
from Holodomor - Ukraine, 1932-1933.


A series of famines took place in rural Ukraine
in the early 1930's, under the Stalin
Communist government.
Widely known as Holodomor - The Great
Famines, the events had an enormous
impact on the rural farming populations in
Ukraine under the collectivisation programme
under Communist rule.
The events are now recognised widely as
This work intends to explore the stories,
history and in particular, the worst year of
the famine, the winter between 1932-1933.
Using oral histories, found and archived
material, fragments, documents and
An exchange, shared, through baking, food
and love.