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Research Methodology -

Production Space 1.
- The Kitchen.

(Draw -
an object, space, what do I know about it?
Wooden spoon, bowl,
parchment paper -
the visual language of baking.)
Exploring the use of the kitchen as a production space.

See Beckett -
unidentified listening Space>


The space of the film(s) is in the kitchen, the work
takes place in the kitchen

Draw - kitchen objects / Stationary -
baking parchment, food packaging)
objects and utensils.

Culturally significant -
Ukrainian and East European Food.

Ukrainian Supermarket
- Sat Visit?  
Kitchen Notes PDF      
Research Methodology -

Production Space 2

- The Lab
(After Vertov.)

Production tools and digital equipment.
find something seductive.
tapes, editing

Additional Lab Notes}

For example, the use of wipes as a production editing, and storytelling tool.
* See -

Production Breakdown 1

Notes on a structure,
production breakdown and the
traditional Japanese nō drama.

BBC Sport and Rodchenko and Popova -
the 25 frame wipe, and set changes
in the theatre.

Previous project examples -
The Black Album -
motion graphics production and set design at the Cottesloe, National Theatre in London. - 2009.
Research Methodology -

Production Space 3
- The library.

Draw - library and desk.
Space at Gladstone's.
Deliverables -
intended Project outcomes.
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