Brown folding, parchment app, paper,
Draw, Stationary, Archives, Documents, Traces//1978, digital archives, publishing, motion graphics publications,
five sheets of cartridge paper, A3 folding,
speech bubbling, documenting conversations, colour, exchange, dialague, conversation,

display and exhibition,

drawings of inanimate objects, frames, collective, wholes and parts<
Dave (Fave) Muller< Mullerpile

portraits, drawings of people, drawing fast, slow.
drawings in motion<
documentatary drawing, lewis hyde, dryden goodwin, MOth, The Spirit, x-factor, rebirth, recipes as rebirth,
typesetting, notes on a typeface,
Russian Constructivist, soviet fonts, motion graphics, strike breakdowns,

Typograhy, notes on a typeface *postcard* -Din, AA Crit,
Images, and image settings, random (no Reason, ) Lear, AA library, Little Black Books, Rodchenko,
Colour Breaks, and breakdowns, Russian Texbooks, Soviet Stationary, Stationery,
Draw from TV, Draw
Draw, Stationary

Bjork Notes, print edition, photocopier, printing as photocopying photocopying as printing, edition.
Type tests, Headline font, distance, space and intimacy,

Font that can be read at distance, font that can be experienced intimately, handled physically.
serifs, numbers, numbering, german typeface ideas, slabs, geo, grotesque,
Matiushin. A Guide to Colour.
Text, lots of text for no reason, small type.
Ukrainian postal system, include ephemera, Soviet Stationary, five-year plan,

Animate in black and white, include info graphics, describe time and space, locations maps and diagrams,

fold out material, factual content,
Gentle Ease, poster series, and edition, prints, notes, include meeting notes, photocopier,
Goldwsorthy, print and draw in location, using location, materials, dough, bread, baking, draw in parchment