Recipes for Baking Bread
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Edited Literature Review

This was originally written in July 2015,
and has been edited for the proposal
application transfer submission.
A full, expanded version, can be found online

Reference 1 -
Draft, by Jane Cheadle

Large scale process tests, experiments with
form, process and media. Stop motion, Materials
processes, an intimacy, with the experience of
making work - that is raw, unprocessed.
(see - keywords.)

The use of recipes fo collect stories, an exchange,
dialogue, the visual language of baking, dough,
flour, connecting with people through a shared
task. Recipes in families - see notes from
Jung - Generational rebirth, recipes as rebirth.

Feeling of the work - famine, tragedy, and the human.
Warmth, love and emotion, humanity (humans) -
and storytelling - through exchange, link to food.
Food in production, and motion graphics. - baking,
flour, water, bread, yeast, dough rising.

Audio and visuals - doing different things
(see - notes from Beckett).) - Audio - Factual,
instructional, recipes, Images - look like dougn and
water, images emerging from them. Ukraine
(and symbols.) See - Ukrainian notes. Audio
and visuals that contradict, or - conflict with
each other.

Reference 2 -
Tower Bawher, by Theodore Ushev.

Visual memory - an outpouring. Intensity, power,
force, motion graphics, storytelling, Soviet Union,
TV, and TV production, use of typography on
screen. Context - exploring narrative, plot, and
storytelling, in depth, using TV production

Audience notes - mainstream, BBC2, Animation
Community, Ukrainian Community - sensitivity
to history, Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Cheetham
Hill. See - Ukrainian Saturday School.

Little Boy, by Jordan Baseman,
Reference 3 -

Oral histories, voice over, editing, reduction,
bravery, in less (see - Japanese Nō Theatre -
aesthetic principles)

Visual responses, creation, emotive, mood, over
illustration - emotion, not making sense of
things, allowing things, ideas, feelings, thoughts,
to exist, giving space for that, space for
the viewer (see - Kapoor - notes from a residency)

Work - universality, (Freud) -

Notes and references
1. Keywords
. Notes from Beckett
3. Ukrainian Notes
4. Ukrainian Saturday School
5. Japanese Nō Theatre - aesthetic principles
6. Kapoor - notes from a residency


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