This material, and the themes behind it,
originally come from, and for, research for
a lecture at the University of Huddersfield.
About, and based around, the key of G minor.
About, tragedy, dischord, and a reference to
the keyboard of light, a visual device invented
by 19th Century composer, and synaesthesiac,

The Kid A Blips.
Radiohead, and the theory and potential
for channel branding. An approach to motion
graphics theory, using kits of parts, as a
production tool.

A visual essay with notes, links, and diagrams.

Radiohead Kid A Blips - HQ Shynola from Aaronage on Vimeo.

Kid A Blips -
An example

This material was created by Shynola, to
promote Radiohead's Kid A album, created and
released in 2000.

Each ident is short, distinct, unique, with the
only feature to identify the collection, a
short logo and sting, at the end of the ident.
Clip with ident.    
The idents appeared int he commercial breaks on
UK (*check) television, amoungst the adverts,
with, and amoungst, the channel branding,
identity, trails and promos.

Abstract, short, - known as 'stings' these components
are often used in TV branding projects. As
channel identifiers. To break up, enhance,
and encourage the action. Pace builders,
reminders to the viewer, about what they are
watching, and to help the rhythm of the work in

Most popularly, in recent years, are the Channel
4, and BBC2 idents, both known for innovative
approaches to TV production, structure, and
brand identity.

Original Channel 4 ident,
designed by Martin Lambie Nairn.

Current ident for Channel 4

The Radiohead approach was radical, in it's
subversion of the technique. This process is long
established on Television. When channel 5 launched,
for a period, a very short sting appeared between
each commercial, to promote the channel, and
identify it to viwers in commercial breaks.

Channel 5 launch -
First Advert Break from 30.3.1997
Retrieved from TV-ark>
Accessed 18 August 2016.

The Radiohead message, in it's brevity, takes
ownership of the channel, the commercial break.
A distruption, up, unexplained, intervision,
intervention. The use of the logo, and varied
visual styles. A series of commercials, for
Radiohead - the Radiohead break, suggested
in the use of the language of television.

Kid A blips - Volcano.

When Big Brother first launched in the UK, a similar
approach was used. Suggestions about the
subliminal, control, and the suggested, were
taken - short blips were created to sit in the
commercial breaks to remind viewers, gently,
or - abruptly, in their shortness, about the
existence of the show.

Big Brother 4 logo,
designed by Daniel Eatock.

Big Brother 4 - TV idents.