Standard Deviation Curve

(Bell curve)
in three parts

Start slowly, build. IN-crease speed and intensity, period of intensity in the middle
drop it back down, ease out

Easy ease, speed curve and the After Effects graph Editor,
animating in After Effects

    Three pages / handouts

1. Title Page
2. Poster, with speed graph and meeting notes with Stephen. Volcanoes, environment as character.
3. Links and reference clips
Gentle Ease Lecture>
Part 1 and 2
  Dryden Goodwin - Skill
[Empty Box] title

[box with play button] 8.00
Ease in documentatation,

use of video and film.
-Editing 9the cut.)
- intimacy and scale,
production, use of materials

[Empty box - portrait] Graph info.
Standard Deviation curve
[box with play button]
Forest - just one day
- simplicity and ease.
- Stop motion, without labour
Digital and analogue.
- Mood and tone - the feeling of the work
  Activity, ease,
slowness, gentle, start and ending.
activity in the middle.
After Effects - graph editor and
editing. / animation
  [heart] work for love.  
Jane Cheadle
[box with play button]
  draft / (flow)

Music - raw, unproduced
Quality of production
sense of understanding the

Dough, baking.
Tower Bawher
[empty box]

Motion graphics and

TV production -
to tell stories.
Context of the film, and research.
Storytelling - in animation
Fast turnaround, TV design
Soviet, C
[box with play button - without notes]   -

little boy -
Jordan Baseman

Mood, memory, experience
Evocative, illustrating an experience

Reduction of script -

Impact + Emotion.

Oral histories -
things that can't be described,

articulated visually.

[empty box - blank]    
  [empty box - portrait] Film Intro.


10th June 2015.
  [empty box - 3D drawing]

Soviet Salt.
Drawings, renderings.
Exploring no name graphics,
soviet, utilitarian
Packaging and communism,


Blog - link

Drawing 1
Drawing 2

    html - sketches 1 , 2, 3
    and archive.
  Drew Tyndell

drawing with vimeo
automatic . / series
(document in time)
Play, in Vimeo
-with interface

Designer and artist
Commercial and creative,
self-initiated projects
Drawing - Materials, ideas,
time, motion.
series of loops.
  - Bypassing the Intellect -
Part 2.

work that feels, has feeling, mood,

Capturing a moment.

Salt -
Stationary - Food packaging.
as art,

as St